Lloyd's New Media LiveWire (MACE) driver

This is a NetBSD device driver for the New Media LiveWire PCMCIA card. This card is based on AMD's Am79C940 (and Am79C950) ethernet controller, commonly called the MACE. The code is supposed to be MI support for the MACE chip with a PCMCIA front end. It should be easy to add front ends for other systems such as the Apple Mac onboard MACE and the Sun qce/qe.

There are diffs for kernel configuration and a tar file containing the actual driver.

This driver has been tested with NetBSD 1.5.2 and NetBSD 1.6. To use it under NetBSD 1.6, you need to delete the call to bpfattach in dev/pcmcia/if_mace_pcmcia.c. A proper fix will be forthcoming.

To use the driver,