Lloyd's Cats

I have finally managed to scan in some photos of my cats. My little cat is a blue and cream bi-colour british short hair and my big cat is a ginger tom. She is called 'Esme' because she is the bossy one, and he is called 'Greebo' because he used to get in fights when he was younger. I have grouped my cat photos into broad subject areas.

My Cats Looking Literary

First of all we have Greebo casting a discerning eye over my Science Fiction collection.

Next we have Esme trying to become one with my Science Fiction Collection.

Finally we have Esme deciding that she has grokked this collection before.

My Cats Looking Mean

This one didn't scan as well as I had hoped. In the photo, they look as if they might be the Kray brothers reincarnated.

"Where are the cats in this picture?" you say. There aren't, just evidence of cats. You see how the stove element isn't plugged into the stove, well the night before I had left quarter of a frozen chicken under that element to thaw out (the element wasn't switched on). I figured the element would keep the cats off the chicken. Wrong. The photo shows how I found the element in the morning. One of the cats has ripped it out of its socket and eaten the chicken. All I ever found was some cat saliva on the kitchen floor.

The black things on the floor are feather from a live blackbird. Esme (who weighed 2kg at the time) caught this bird that was almost as big as she was. She brought it inside to show me. Suffice to say, as soon as she put it down, it went ballistic, flew round the living room and then flew out the front door.

My Cats Looking Daft

Greebo with a feather on the end of his tongue. He was trying to shake it off by poking his tongue out repeatedly. This was so unsuccessful that I had time to finish laughing and then go and get my camera. Once I took the photo I was merciful and removed the feather from his tongue.

For some reason Greebo gets an urge, from time to time, to sit in cardboard boxes. Beats me why.

Esme used to like to sit inside my armchair rather than on it. (For those of you who are wondering, I am now much tidier with my beer cans and pizza boxes.)

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